Large Scale Solar - Atlantic Blue
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Large Scale Solar

Atlantic Blue provides fully-integrated solutions for the successful implementation of solar PV projects. At the heart of this solution is our deep industry knowledge and track record of global solar EPCC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning). Atlantic Blue is able to perform a Full Service EPCC at every step of the value chain including:

Project Development

To ensure the success of each of our solar projects, we provide a variety of services that relates to the different aspects of the project development process. This includes location analysis, consultations, technical planning, project design as well as the approval processes. Our wealth of experience in this area allows for all aspects of the project to be well taken care off, ensuring its efficient and timely execution.

IPP Licence & Power Purchase Agreement 

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a legal contract between a power purchaser and an electricity generator. Thanks to our years of experience in the industry, we are well-versed with the various procedures that go into obtaining the PPA. What’s more, as a leading turnkey EPCC in ASEAN, we are able to provide customers with the necessary expertise on acquiring the Independent Power Producer (IPP) licence.

Project Finance & Investment

We understand that the smooth running of a solar system largely depends on the technology used which, in turn requires strong financial backing. This is where our partnerships come in. Our strong financial relationships, backed by our extensive knowledge of local tax incentives, ensure that our customers receive maximum returns for their investments.

Project Design & Engineering

Our expert team of engineers has designed numerous MW plants, and thus have a deep understanding of how to optimise the project value. We go the extra mile by carefully designing and configuring PV plants that deliver maximum financial results.

Procurement & Purchasing

Our large network of partners and collaborations allows us a higher purchasing power. In turn, this allows us to ensure that projects are carried out efficiently and in a timely manner whilst optimising cost.

Project Construction

Our wealth of experience and direct access to sophisticated technology have made it possible for us to continuously make improvements to the construction process to increase its overall efficiency by reducing labour costs and environmental impact, maximise solar energy and increase installation speed.

Project Commissioning

These are tests carried out on the power plants after the construction process is complete. Project commissioning is an important step as it ensures that each power plant is functioning properly and efficiently.

Operations & Maintenance

Arguably one of the most critical aspects of a power plant, the operations and maintenance of each plant are important to ensure that it is fully optimised to produce the maximum amount of energy, thus generating revenue. To this end, we have invested in different technologies to create a more suitable and sustainable operation and maintenance system.